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            老牌Fritz Hansen攜手Jaime Hayon

               日期:2016-08-25     評論:0    

                    Republic of Fritz Hansen™建立于1872年的丹麥,致力于經久不衰的產品設計,這么長時間以來,已超脫設計本身,更富含了一種使命感。Fritz Hansen基于丹麥風格,將設計理念復制在全球的展示廳內?,F在,Fritz Hansen已擁有178個員工,成功運營品牌將近63萬歐元的營業額。Fritz Hansen產品的各個系列在世界成了經典與現代的范本。

                Republic of Fritz Hansen™ is an exclusive brand with the mission to craft timeless design founded in Denmark in 1872. Fritz Hansen is based in Denmark with showrooms around the world. Fritz Hansen currently employs 178 people worldwide and operates successfully with a turnover close to 63 M Euro. The Fritz Hansen collection consists of world famous classics and contemporary products.



                Fritz Hansen™收藏級系列包括Arne Jacobsen的設計the Egg™, Swan™ and Series 7™,Hans J. WegnerChina Chair以及Poul KjærholmPK系列。

                Some of the recognised designs within Fritz Hansen's collection include the Egg™, Swan™ and Series 7™ chair designed by Arne Jacobsen, the China Chair designed by Hans J. Wegner and the PK collection by Poul Kjærholm.


                于此同時,我們也與當代世界級設計明星合作,保持著產品的前衛性,比如Kasper Salto, Piero Lissoni, Cecilie Manz, Hiromichi Konno and Jaime Hayon。

                The tradition and reputation of collaborating with some of the world's finest creators, is carried forward to this day through partnerships with international design stars, such as Kasper Salto, Piero Lissoni, Cecilie Manz, Hiromichi Konno and Jaime Hayon.




                頂級設計配搭上極佳的面料與手工制作,Fritz Hansen衷心為全球的裝飾空間內與私人家庭提供個性化的選擇。

                With top classic design combined with quality materials and craftsmanship, Fritz Hansen is a natural choice in furnishing buildings created by leading architects worldwide and by private home owners wishing to express their individuality and to make unique statements.


                Fritz Hansen重視細節,呈現完美的產品,在生產環節中,無時無刻都在保證品質的優異性,而設計也不另外。畢竟,投資高品質的材料和專業度在經不起時間考量的產品設計中,是毫無意義的。

                We take pride in the perfectionism and the attention to details which we put into our products. At Fritz Hansen quality is fundamental at every stage of the process. The design itself is no exception. After all, it wouldn't make sense to invest quality materials and expertise in a design that does not have a long visual lifespan.


                 品牌相信美學是源于視界,時間展示多年的歷練。Fritz Hansen相信家具的美可以美化整個空間或建筑,甚至裝扮你的生活你的工作。漂亮的設計是Fritz Hansen的宗旨,絕不妥協舒適的程度。Fritz Hansen的信心與執著,讓品牌在世界的設計和品質領域享有美譽,樹立出獨特而美好的生活理念。

                We believe in aesthetics as something defined by your eyes, and experienced with your hand. We believe that a single piece of furniture can beautify an entire room or building and the mind of the people living or working there. We aim to design beautiful furniture without compromising on comfort. It's our ambition to become a niche company in the absolute global elite in the field of design, luxury and lifestyle.


            本期產品的設計師:Jaime Hayon

                西班牙設計師Jaime Hayon出生于1974年,當他還是10多歲的少年時,他沉浸在滑板文化和涂鴉藝術上,這樣的經歷可能促使了他大膽而怪誕的創造力。在馬德里和巴黎學習工業設計后他在1997年加入了Fabrica,能親近Oliviero Toscani在一起工作。在短時間內,他從一個學生晉升為設計部門的負責人。8年以后,Jaime Hayon闖出了新天地,先設計了一系列玩具產品,陶瓷以及家具,緊接著室內設計與裝置設計。而后,Jaime Hayon為該品牌設計FAVN™沙發,設計非常注重細節與元素。在設計之初,FAVN™沙發算是個實驗性產品,用一個整體的方法思考討論我們是誰和我們如何生活。再回歸于人類的本質,以此去創新與冒險出新產品。“我希望這個沙發像是一個擁抱,并是有機的,這就是沙發名字的起源。同時,我探索出技術,讓產品簡潔,這其實是個復雜的過程。

                 Spanish artist-designer was born in Madrid in 1974. As a teenager, he submerged himself in skateboard culture and graffiti art, the foundation of the detailed, bold-yet-whimsical imagery so imminent in his work today. After studying industrial design in Madrid and Paris he joined Fabrica in 1997, the Benetton-funded design and communication academy, working closely with the legendary image-maker and agitator Oliviero Toscani. In a short time he was promoted from student to head of their Design Department. Eight years later, Jaime broke out on his own, first with his collections of designer toys, ceramics and furniture, later followed by interior design and installations. Jaime Hayon has created the FAVN™ sofa for Fritz Hansen. It is designed with great attention to detail and consist of very few elements. Creating FAVN has been an experimental dialogue. Thinking in a holistic approach, discussing who we are and how we live. Back to the human approach, while being innovative and taking risks. "I wanted to create a form that embraces you, something really organic – that’s why we named it FAVN. At the same time I wanted to explore a technique – I always focus on techniques. It looks really simple, but it’s really complex."

            法國設計師Jaime Hayon



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